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Delicious food, drinks and James Dean

The capital city is full of bars and restaurants that attract visitors for evening entertainment. But we are the only ones in Europe who offer entertainment in the American retro interior from the time of famous charismatic movie idol James Dean. Renowned rebel without a cause is an inseparable part of the fifties in America and a unique atmosphere full of energy and wildness. Precisely this historical spirit can be experienced in our venue. American fifties are omnipresent here and you cannot escape their magic, whether it's a menu, design or staff in stylish uniforms.

Not only a restaurant, but also a music club and bar in Prague

But stylish dining services are not the only thing we could offer to our visitors. After diner on the first floor you can continue to other parts, more specifically downstairs. It will feel like you are in an old American underground. When you get to the basement, you are suddenly in the middle of an American petrol station. Here, you are able to sit on a sofa which is made from a part of the Lincoln Continental HardTop Sedan. The remainder of the car is situated in the Lincoln’s lounge where you can also find an original parking meter from the USA as well as black and white leather car seats.

From dawn till dawn surrounded by original artifacts of racy life of unforgettable rebel –