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The real taste of American retro

A place that combines the best of everything – fancy restaurant, bar and music club in the American retro style of the 50s. Visitors appreciate not only finely tuned food and drinks menu but also design interior that is made of great collectibles of precious value. All of the items that are to be seen here originate from 50s: registration marks, photos, objects of everyday necessity, registration cash desk, retro coffee maker and jukebox. All signs are an original vintage from the American 50’s.It is fascinating that all of the objects are not only original but majority of them is still working! Come and see.

Amazing place for party lovers

If you party often and a lot you will fall in love with those unusual and pretty stylish interiors that can make you feel like you are in a movie starring James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and other iconic stars. At James Dean, we aim to provide you with the most intensive music experience. To allow us to do this, we use the best sound equipment from an American Eastern Acoustic Works and QSC. It took just 4 months to extensively reconstruct this area, were we imported 14 tons of iron and other metal elements. All this make the James Dean Prague one of the best bars in Prague.