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Buick appeared on the market for the first time in 1908 and was among the founding members of General Motors (GM), which is domiciled in Flint, Michigan. General Motors has now become the oldest car company in the USA to date.

The name “Roadmaster” was first used in 1936, when the largest and most luxurious models received the name Limited. Roadmaster was one of the limited series.

The year 1954 meant a shift for Buick (as did the entire GM fleet of cars) to panoramic front windows, increased engine performance to 200 horsepower (starting at a mere 120), enhanced steering booster and brake booster. Due to customer requests, it also saw the appearance of electrical windows.

Buick Roadmaster ruled the roads for several years due to the straight V8 engine, even though the V-engine was shorter and lighter. Other novelties included: 12V electricity, air-conditioning on request and the new Dynaflow automatic gearbox, the so-called "Twin-Turbine," which improved the acceleration of the engine that had been criticized.

The manufacturing of Buick ended in December 1996 and this was also the end of an era for the full-size US family cars with rear drive. The Buick Roadmaster became the last vehicle of its type to be mass produced in the USA.

To date, much of the public still cannot forget the biggest and strongest cars from US manufacturing.