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Travelling in time to the American 50s

We are a restaurant and bar in Prague with unforgettable and unique atmosphere which can be enjoyed only at us. There is no such place all over the world. During the day, we are a fancy restaurant with a wide range of breakfasts, lunches and desserts and in the evening, we turn to the biggest party centre from all clubs in Prague. Similar place, menu and interior design cannot be seen anywhere else, in any club in Prague. Just next to the entrance, there is an old yet working jukebox to which you can throw a penny and then listen to the same music as James Dean did.

The settings are a realistic copy of American dinner restaurants. When you enter the restaurant with a music club in the basement, you will immediately find yourself in the American 50s and forget your ordinary worries. Retro music, massive red-and-white booths and chairs resembling Cadillac parts and 100% original decorations. Interior decorations include for example 60 years old jukebox, the Coca-Cola cash register No. 721, pay phone or Coca-Cola vending machine.

Cestování časem do Ameriky 50. let

A perfect choice where to spend night

Whether you are a passionate dancer or you rather prefer to sit comfortably and have fun with your friends, you will like it in any case. The dance floor is dominated by a hand-forged solid cage where you can admire the dancers in sexy retro costumes. If you prefer sitting and simply having fun, you will not be disappointed as well. The whole space of a music club is decorated with industrial elements from old factories such as lights, valves, pipes or tubes. The whole bar is lined with Harley Davidson leather seats that are pretty much comfortable for sitting. And you can be sure that all the signs here are vintage originals from American 50s.