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Do you long for the unforgettable American style party? Thanks to James Dean Prague, you have an exclusive opportunity to experience these moments and the unique atmosphere during an open air movie screening or music reproduction.

James Dean Prague offers the possibility of hiring a professional large-screen projection of the highest quality.

The Panasonic PT D 12000 Sxga - 3-chip high-performance DLP projector, HD resolution 1400 x 1050 points and 12000k lumen performance, four-lamp optical Panasonic system for excellent brightness and reliability.

The inflatable projection screen AIRSCREEN 40“ Open AIR ELITE – Professional projection screen with astounding dimensions 12x8 metres placed in a high pressure inflatable frame. The big advantage is the quick and easy installation, together with high safety (even in windy conditions). The screen is ideal for outdoor screenings, fashion shows, cinemas, festivals, concerts, film premieres or other festive events. Thanks to its low weight, you do not have to worry about installation in a sensitive environment like gardens, parks, fields or town centres.It can be setup anywhere without the use of complex support structures.

Quality sound equipment is essential to the success of your event. Our MAGIC CINEMA SOUND PRO 4 is one of the most powerful and sophisticated sound systems in the world for reproduction of digital cinema audio formats including: THX, Dolby 7.1, etc..The entire system was designed as an analog 4 WAY Active, fully compressed audio system with controlled directivity and the possibility of covering large areas and distances.

Our team of professional sound recordists will ensure the perfect listening experience so that you are happy with the sound quality of your show.